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UNIX/Linux Support
Tips and instruction on using UNIX/Linux shells. Script programs for websites, and data processing.

Linux/UNIX Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
RedHat Administration/Information
Digital Indigo Software Library
Solaris Administration
Using X on a Windows PC to remotely access Solaris apps.


Domain Name Support
List detailed information about a domain, check domain availability, and request domain registration through Digital Indigo.

Digital Indigo's Dynamic DNS Setup
Lookup Domain Name/NIC Handles
Purchasing A Domain Name
Why Digital Indigo uses Verisign


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
Information on a variety of topics.

Getting started in Web Development
Setting Up A Digital Indigo Account
Web Hosting / Shared Server FAQ
Why can't I save anything to my account?
How Do I Set Up Dreamweaver?


Topics that do not fall into a predefined category.

Usage Policies
Technologies Supported By Digital Indigo
Digital Indigo White Papers
Digital Indigo Patent Image Viewer


Web Services / Applications
Additional services that Digital Indigo provides (usually for free) for your web hosting account.

Web Mail (SquirrelMail)
Setting up Mozilla Calendar

Macintosh and Windows Support
We support specific OS systems on an individual basis. These services are for our hosting, collocation, or service clients only.

Please contact


E-mail Support
This area describes the use of mail tools and setup for mail programs.

Why can't I receive e-mail?
When I send mail, it errors with "Cannot resolve PTR record"
Setting up your Digital Indigo POP Mail account
Configuring Outlook for POP Mail
Incorrect Sender From Outlook
Checking E-mail Via The Web
Using Blind Carbon Copy (BCC)
Mixed Content (Mixed MIME) Mail
What Can I Do To Reduce Junk E-mail
How Can I Filter Junk E-mail
Configuring Outlook to use Digital Indigo Junk Mail Filter
Configuring Entourage to use Digital Indigo Junk Mail Filter
Configuring PINE to use Digital Indigo Junk Mail Filter
E-mail Merge Lists/Mailing Lists
Configuring Outgoing E-mail Address In Various Clients
Using UUcode


Web Support
This area describes solutions to your Web needs.

Sending E-mail Via The Web
What do I need to get started on the Web?
Using the Webstats Reports.
Problems Sending Form Mail With Microsoft FrontPage Extensions
Password protecting a directory on your web site.
Usage terms for hosting accounts.


Registered users can click here for Priority Support Service (PSS)
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