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Whether you need custom application and program development, or a full-blown web app, Digital Indigo is your complete resource. We're ready to help you out from the hottest languages of today to legacy software written in languages of the past.

Programming Expertise
We use the latest technology to provide efficiency, compatibility, scalability, and uptime for your applications. Our computer scientists are fluent in today's most popular programming languages, including: C/C++, SQL, PERL, Java, PHP, ASP, Pascal, Visual Basic (VB) and more.

Our wide knowledge-base allows us to provide updates, and even convert legacy software for your business. We can even rewrite your current applications to be web-enabled.

GNU/Linux and Open Source
If your looking for Linux programmers, or Open Source coders, look no further. We specialize in GNU, Linux, and Open Source technologies. Our programmers will be more than happy to show you how the choice of Open Source can be the best option for your organization.

Learn More
Please click on any language listed below to learn more about it, and the services and solutions we offer related to that language.

SQL If you're looking for serious database performance, count on our Oracle, PostgreSQL:, and MySQL programmers
PERL From system administration scripts to web CGIs, we can help you implement PERL throughout your organization.
PHP The ultimate langage for dynamic HTML. PHP lets you make your site interactive. Find out why people are chosing this faster, more robust language over ASP and Cold Fusion.
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