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Mission Statement
To provide customers with professional, courteous computer services using the most accurate and efficient tools available.

Welcome to Digital Indigo Technologies. Digital Indigo is based on the fundamental principle that the customer always comes first.

We are committed to providing a level of customer service that is second to none. We know that each customer is a vital part of our business, and each and every customer always deserves respect. It's your right to have us process your data with a smile, and a positive attitude.

It's important to customers that data is processed in a timely manner. However, we recognize that handling data is a precise science and must also be processed accurately, too. We keep a vast amount of tools available to us. This includes, Unix/Linux workstations, Windows-based personal computers and servers, and Macintosh-based environments. We use the best tools available for each individual job. This allows us to solve problems in the most efficient, accurate, and quality-assured means possible.

Knowledge of the past, and a vision of the future are among the most valuable tools in the computer industry. Our staff has a broad scope of experience with almost every type of computer architecture, operating system, and programming language in the history of Computer Science.

On the business side of technology, we've had experience working with, and for Internet commerce developers, small businesses, educational institutions, and even Fortune 500 companies. We have watched, participated, and helped transform the computer industry from the low-powered machines of the early nineteen-eighties, to the powerful desktops and workstations of today. And we're constantly developing new technologies years ahead of their time. We are here to help our customers be competitive today and in the future.

Customer Service
We value each and every customer. Our goal is to be the first company that businesses rely on and recommend for their computer data and consulting needs. If you're ever dissatisfied with the quality of service you receive from Digital Indigo, please let us know.

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