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Red Hat ( RedHat )Administration and Information
Digital Indigo specializes in the implementation of Red Hat Linux for business uses. Below are answers for questions commonly asked about Red Hat Linux.
Click here to visit Red Hat's technical support search.
Configuring a NIC/Network Setup (netconfig)
Configuring Wireless PCMCIA card
Controlling Daemons--Internet Services, et cetera (chkconfig)
Firewall Administration (lokkit)
GRUB Boot Loader
Migrating File Systems To New Drives/Servers
Mount drives (hard drives, CD-ROM drives) manually.
Listing of RedHat RPMs with descriptions. (Long Document)
Problems with the Apache Web Server
Operating ProFTPd server (not included with Red Hat distro) on Red Hat.
Configuring your sound card with Red Hat Linux (sndconfig)
Using RPMs and SRPMs with the RPM Package Manager.
FAQ about system logging (syslog)
Extracting a public key from a Digital ID / Digital Certificate ending in .pfx or .p12
PHP Fatal error: Call to undefined function imagecreatetruecolor()
Installing Virtualhost base suPHP



Specific Device/Software Support
How-To's on how to get specific software and models of hardware to operate with Red Hat Linux.
Getting an Epson Perfection 1250 to work with SANE
Configuring a Netgear MA401 Wireless Ethernet card.
Upgrading Enterprise Server causes Internet Explorer 6 to have problems with Shop Factory.




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