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Digital Indigo Software

Digital Indigo produces software for both the Open Source and Business markets. Open Source software can be downloaded, and used for free. Our Online Applications can be used on a subscription basis.

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Application Service Provider

Septic Design

Septic Design allows Sewage Enforcement Officers and Septic System Designers to calculate the head loss due to friction in smooth wall plastic PVC pipe and the discharge rate of a lateral hole associated with pressured dosed on-lot sewage disposal systems.


Open Source Software for GNU/Linux, UNIX, and variants

LTP LTP is a simple PERL script that reads a file and sets the Print Flag for a true VT-100 terminal. This calls up a print-request box on the local terminal, and allows printing using the print manager of your PC/Macintosh/VT-100 computer.
iCommerce The Indigo Commerce Suite provides a shopping cart manager for PHP developers.

Used to provide a navigation bar within PHP-based scripts. Can produce a site hierarchy such as:
Home > Software > Software Library

iFormMail Using similar directives to FormMail, Indigo Form Mail (iFormMail) allows a more flexible, server-centric solution to e-mailing data (including files) from web-based forms. Features include multipart MIME-based e-mails, file includes, S/MIME encrytion, and much more. (PHP)

A great solutions for embedded designers! SDL-TV allows a user to display a bt8x8 TV-tuner card on an SDL palette. This means you can watch TV directly on a frame buffer. Or use the same application to run under a window in X.

This is a very early release and a bare-bones set of code. We plan to have a more developed model (with examples) by Q1 of 2004.


Open Source Software for Non-UNIX variant platforms.

Hohner Connector Hohner C/C++ connector allows a function in C or an object in C++ to connect to DLLs distributed by Hohner Corporation for their Encoders. DOES NOT INCLUDE HOHNER'S DLLs.



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